A participatory festival for citizens in Korea, uniting the lives of the citizens with art

Anyang Citizen Festival

Anyang Citizen Festival, which was first launched in 2000, has become a participatory festival that represents the city to combine the citizen's daily lives with culture and arts. More than 2,100 people from 190 organizations have participated in the Anyang citizens' "Citizen Fringe Performance" (as of 2013) over the period of more than 10 years.

The citizens can participate and enjoy the festival every year under the themes of citizens, people, and citizens' living arts. It will not just remain complacent to serve as a catalyst for growth of the culture and arts in Anyang together with citizens. It will create a community of local artists and foster the cultural community of citizens to move further towards the “festival of living arts” that represent the metropolitan area.

Anyang Citizen Festival offers new and diverse performances, interactive exhibition programs participated by relevant organizations and civic groups, and accompanying events for the whole family to enjoy to transform itself as a venue of civic harmony through culture and arts.

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