Mission & Vision

  • Mission
      Anyang, a happy city of culture and arts for everyone
  • Vision
      Improving the happiness index of citizens through culture and arts
  • Core Values
    • Citizen-centered
    • Expertise
    • Communication
    • Cooperation
  • Management Goals
    • Expansion of arts support
    • Spread of cultural enjoyment
    • Promotion of cultural values
    • Sustainability Management System

Management Strategies of Anyang Foundation for Culture and Arts

This diagram consists of several strategic objectives and Strategic Tasks along the strategic objectives.

  1. Securing growth engines for culture and arts
    • Creating a cultural and artistic ecosystem
    • Support for artistic activities
  2. Strengthening the public nature of culture and arts
    • Expanding opportunities to enjoy culture in everyday life
    • Expansion of citizen-centered cultural and arts education
    • Operating an open cultural space
  3. Continuous growth of core business
    • Expansion of representative cultural contents in the region
    • Creation of local cultural heritage value
  4. Strengthening capabilities through innovation
    • Practicing social responsibility management through ESG
    • Establish an efficient management system
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